Bad Puns From Ikea (Jokes So Dry You Think Toast is Soup)

If you have ever shopped at Ikea, you probably know that the amount of household items in the store can be overwhelming. In fact, you have likely experienced that overwhelming feeling upon setting foot in an Ikea store. If you enjoy shopping, that feeling of being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of merchandise can be exhilarating and exciting! Things to buy! Rooms to decorate! Oh my, oh my! But if you hate shopping, the overwhelming feeling can be just that: overwhelming. You might begin to hyperventilate as you wonder “how long will I need to be here??” If you happen to shop at an Ikea with someone who LOVES shopping (and you hate shopping), things can get salty pretty quickly.

One guy who is in the ‘overwhelmed with dread’ category shopped with his girlfriend (who experiences the ‘overwhelmed with excitement’ feeling when she enters Ikea). Not surprisingly, he was not happy. However, this guy found a way to deal with his negative feelings: turn those bad feelings into good ones. “But how?” you ask? Two words, dear friends: Bad Puns! The guy in the video follows his girlfriend around Ikea making really bad puns from the names of Ikea products. So, for a product called “Bygel” the guy asks his girlfriend to remind him to “buy gel.” A product called a “Bladis” leads the guy to ask his girlfriend if she has seen a toilet because his “bladder is full.” What makes this video funny is the annoyed looks the guy’s girlfriend gives him as he makes his bad puns while she shops in Ikea. She asks him to stop, but the bad puns just keep on coming! We doubt she will shop at Ikea with him again! We tip our hats to him and say “Well played, sir. Well played.”

Donna, you’re on my radar!

Source: Youtube

One too many puns.

Source: YouTube