Baby & Boxer Relax on the Floor Together. What Happened Next Is HILARIOUS! | Chicks News

If you have ever been around an infant, you know that unexpected things can happen quite often. You know, blowouts, projectile vomiting, spit up, endless amounts of drool, etc. However, dogs don’t seem to be aware that these sorts of things happen around young babies. Today, a hilarious video of a baby and a boxer relaxing together has gone viral.

Photo Credit: The Parsons Family

In the mostly mundane video, a young baby named Benjamin is laying on the floor, alert but quiet. The family’s pet boxer, Liberty, is laying on the floor next to baby Benjamin. The two appear to be enjoying their time together and all is well until Benjamin unexpectedly spits up right into Liberty’s face!

A surprised Liberty recoils slightly, then gets up and walks away from baby Benjamin with her face covered in spit up. What a yucky surprise! You have to see the hilarious video for yourself! Check it out below.