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Babies and young children are so sweet. Really, what could be cuter? When children are very young they are not exactly self aware. As a result, they may run around (or crawl around) with food all over their faces, drool dripping from their mouths, and crazy hair sticking out all over the place. How lucky are little kids that it is totally acceptable to look like a completely disheveled mess and no one will judge you for it? In fact, people tend to think that human babies look adorable with messy faces and crazy hair! For that reason, we have gathered some super cute photos of babies and kids who are having a crazy hair day.

Babies And Kids Having A Crazy Hair Day


Credit: Pinterest

Check out this little cutie who is battling the forces of static. It looks like the poor child’s hair is losing the battle!

Credit: Pinterest

No lie, you know we have all had mornings where we look and feel just. like. this. Minus the pacifier, but still. We feel you girlfriend, waking up is ROUGH.