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We all think sleeping babies are cute and they look so peaceful. But what about babies dressed up in cute mini-versions of adults’ outfits? That’s even cuter! This picture of an adorable baby with a fake wig who is only eight days old will definitely push the Aww level through the roof.

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Now that you have a daughter you can do what you’ve always wanted: wear mother daughter matching outfits to look cute and girly. You are your daughter’s role model. So, why not share your fashion knowledge and taste with your little princess. Here are some great inspirational ideas for the cutest mother daughter matching outfits.

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A man recently captured a video of two kangaroos snacking on leftover food in what appears to be a park in Australia. One kangaroos gets a little overly excited about snacking, and he accidentally gets a chip bag stuck on his head! The kangaroo tries in vain to get the bag off his head. But, the bag just won’t budge. [Read more…]


Some people have begun to view police officers in a very negative light recently. So much so that these negative views have propagated violence throughout the United States. These violent acts have been targeted at police officers who are out doing their job. With all these terrible events happening in the United States and around the world, it feels good to hear stories such as the one we are about the share. [Read more…]

Every parent knows how beautiful and painful it is to watch your child or children grow up. There is something so incredible about watching your tiny human grow into a somewhat independent child with their own personality, and then into a teenager (so much fun), and finally into a completely independent adult. [Read more…]

Harry Potter fans, you are going to love this story! Two Oregon parents (who also happen to LOVE the Harry Potter series) recently had their second child, a boy. They wanted their son to have a special newborn photo shoot. After some thought, the parents decided that a perfect theme for their son’s photo shoot would be none other than Harry Potter! The result was, not surprisingly, completely adorable! In the photos, the sweet newborn baby is only 4 days old. [Read more…]

With all the sad news in the world these days, we thought you might enjoy a sweet, uplifting story. A little 3-year-old boy’s mother recently explained to him that many police officers were getting injured. The little boy decided “we should tell them we are thankful for them!” You MUST check out what he does next!! [Read more…]

There are number of foods that are unhealthy or unsafe for dogs. Some of these foods include chocolate, grapes, onions, avocado, and more. Despite the fact that we can’t safely share those foods with our dogs, there are countless foods we eat that we can safely share with our beloved canine companions. When I saw this video of a precious, cute Corgi eating vegetables, I lost it. [Read more…]

2-year-old triplets Heaton, Holden, and Wilder have a very special friendship with a few unlikely individuals. When I saw this story and found out why they chase after the local garbage truck, my heart absolutely melted! Yours will too! [Read more…]


Justin and Nancy Rhode were both 30 and had been married for 3 years when they began trying to have a baby. Quickly, they realized that they were going to need some assistance. They did 4 rounds of invitro fertilization (IVF), but the attempts were all unsuccessful. From there, the couple tried surrogacy but that initially successful pregnancy ended in miscarriage. Things seemed bleak and they were ready to give up! You must check out this story of miraculous twinblings. [Read more…]