Awesome Ideas for St Patricks Day Nails this March 17

St. Patrick’s Day is just one week away! As you plan out your perfect outfit for the St. Patrick’s Day festivities, it can be easy to forget about your nails. Everyone sees your nails, so why not make them look festive! We have some awesome nail art ideas that are easy to replicate and perfect for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Check out these ideas for St Patricks Day nails!

We love these St Patricks Day nails because they are simple but still cute. To achieve this look, you need a solid green nail polish and a sparkly gold polish. You can replicate this look by painting the nail on your middle finger gold, or you could paint your ring finger nail gold. The choice is yours! Either way, it will look great.


Check out this Irish nail art! This look is extremely festive, but also time consuming. You will need nail polish in the following colors: black, gold, red, orange, yellow, solid green, sparkly green, blue, and purple. Start with your thumb nail and paint it black. While it tries, paint your pointer fingernail solid green. Your middle fingernail can be painted sparkly green. You will need red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple nail polishes for your ring fingernail. Paint angled stripes across your nail to achieve the rainbow look. Paint your pinky fingernail gold. Once your thumbnail has dried, paint a green shamrock on it (or use a decal). Once your pointer fingernail has dried, paint a thin black line across your nail and add a gold sparkly square for a belt buckle.

This look is easy to achieve and still festive! Paint your ring fingernail solid green, and paint the rest of your nails solid white. Once your white nails have dried, add loose green glitter or green glitter polish to the tips of your nails.

How cool are these sparkly nails? You need a light green sparkly polish and a darker green sparkly polish to create this green ombre look. Start with the light green at the bottom of your nails and paint the darker green at the top making sure to carefully blend the two colors in the middle.

Last but not least are these St Patricks Day nails. Paint your ring fingernail white and let it dry. While it is drying, paint your remaining fingernails green. Allow them to dry. Take your white nail polish and a toothpick or small dotting brush and make small dots on your pointer finger. Then, take your green nail polish and a toothpick or small dotting brush and make small dots on your ring finger. If you want, you can add a rhinestone for a bit of sparkle!