Awesome & Easy Kitchen Ideas On A Budget!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to organize and spruce up your kitchen! Check out these inexpensive kitchen ideas that you can easily customize.


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An affordable way to add some decor to your kitchen is by purchasing wooden letters to spell out words. You could spell out “Dine” or “Eat” or even “Gather.” Then, paint the letters in colors that coordinate with your kitchen.


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If you are always losing your measuring cups and spoons, create an organized storage space on the inside of a cabinet door. You can purchase the measure cups for only $1.00 at your local Dollar Tree or other dollar store. Purchase small hooks for each measuring spoon and cup at Walmart or a local hardware store.


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Use salvaged wood or old pallets to create additional storage space. Create a bookshelf to store your favorite cookbooks on! You can even attach inexpensive knobs to hang various objects from. You can leave the wood or pallets their natural color, or you can paint them to coordinate with your kitchen.


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Create inexpensive wall decor with mason jars and pieces of wood. Attach the jars to the wood and attach the wooden squares to your wall. You can then display flowers or plants in the jars. Mason or Bell jars can typically be purchased for extremely low prices at Goodwill stores or Salvation Army stores.


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An easy and inexpensive way to store your dried herbs and spices is to take a sheet of metal and attach it to your wall. Store your herbs and spices in small glass jars and attach strong magnets to each lid. On the bottom of each jar, attach a label so that you know what spice you are reaching for!