Autistic Man Discovers Drowning Child. You MUST See What Happens Next! | Chicks News

Some individuals who have Autism have difficulty interacting and communicating with other people. Aaron Cahal, a 23-year-old man who has Autism would be one of those people. Aaron is non-verbal and has difficulty communicating with other people. However, Aaron is very aware of what is going on around him and uses his cell phone to communicate with other people. You won’t believe what he did when he came across a family in distress.

Just recently, Aaron heard yelling and screaming not far from his home. Concerned by the noise, Aaron grabbed his cell phone and set out to find the cause of the yelling. As he searched, he sent text messages to his father and the local police department indicating that he heard a “scary cry.”

Source: Inside Edition

Aaron’s father realized Aaron was not in their backyard so he began looking for him. Aaron eventually located the sound of the screams. They were coming from an apartment building nearby. He sent a photo of the apartment building to the local police department along with a text message that read “big crying people scary people.” It turned out that the screams were from the father of an 18-month-old child who had fallen into a swimming pool. The father believed the child had drowned. Although the police did not have an address, they were able to match the location of the apartment building based on Aaron’s photos. A woman began performing CPR on the child before the police arrived.

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Aaron is credited with helping to save the drowning child’s life. The police regarded Aaron as a hero and thanked him for his help. However, Aaron was unphased by his new title and simply returned home after the incident.