At Last, We Have Options for High End Tall Womens Clothing!

Whether you are a petite woman or just incredibly tall, you’ve likely encountered the struggle at one point or another. You know, the struggle to find pants/dresses/skirts/shorts/etc. that are not too long. If you are tall, the struggle to find pants/dresses/skirts/shorts/etc. that are not too short or revealing. Clothing shopping gets quite frustrating for those of us at one height extreme or the other. Especially when we need tall womens clothing.

As many tall women like myself know all too well, there are limited clothing options out there. The average American woman is around 5’4″, and clothing is typically geared towards women of that height. If you are a tall woman, there is a good chance you either opted to wear clothing items a bit shorter than you prefer, or you have a talented and trustworthy seamstress on your phone’s speed-dial. Sure, Old Navy, JCPenney, and a few other stores offer clothing specifically for women who are altitudinous (totes a real word). But, these choices tend to be limited. What if a tall woman wants high end clothing that is made just for her? Well, ladies, you can rejoice! FINALLY a line of high-end clothing options exist just for us! Are you 5’9″ or taller? Meet Marge. The store created exclusively for tall women just like you. Marge Clothing was created by Kaersten Cooper, a fabulous woman who is 6’1″ and understands the struggles tall women encounter in fashion. The concept behind Marge Clothing was to encourage tall women to embrace and enjoy their height! Kaersten Cooper wants to “elevate your expectations” with Marge Clothing!

If you browse the Marge Fall/Winter 2015 look book, you will find a beautiful calf-length dress, silk tank tops, crop pants (that are perfectly sized to fit a tall woman!), silk printed tops, a pleated skirt, and other warm winter styles that will be coming soon! These pieces start around $300 and go up from there, but they are super chic and worth the price!