April Fools' Day Pranks To Make You Look Like An Evil Genius. Or Just Evil.

April Fools is here! You’ve no doubt been at the butt end of a prank (or three) over the years. This year is different though. It’s time to get ahead of the game, and establish yourself as someone not to be messed with! To get you started with your plotting of mayhem and chaos, we thought we’d round up some of the more clever and devious pranks that have played out in past years.

To be clear, Chicks News does not condone any of the following pranks. They’re being presented strictly for the entertainment factor.  That said, the results of the following April Fools pranks are absolutely hilarious – but just make sure the person you’re pranking actually has a sense of humour ;).

 1) Do this at a restaurant. Sit within viewing distance.  Watch as anxious guys walk back and forth, confused:

Source: aprilfool2014.com

2) What happens when the corporate world gets involved…



Source: Google.com

3) Not sure if this is a prank, or the best gift ever!


Source: imgur.com/Myi41

4) This one could land you in some hot water!

Source: aprilfool2014.com

5) Apply paint just in front of someone’s windshield wiper blades. It’s Rainbow Time!

Source: wikihow.com

6) Yeah…this one would definitely make me scream:

Source: aprilfool2014.com

7) An effective way to get someone to lay off the junk food!

Source: i.imgur.com/CkANi.jpg

8) Yep, that’s an airhorn. Not recommended for pranking people with health conditions!

Source: http://fhdphotos.com

9) There’s gotta be better ways to promote dental hygiene…

Source: lifebuzz.com

10) Promote ‘Going Green’ at the workplace. Add some seeds to a coworkers keyboard:

Source: boredpanda.com