Adorable Baby Wanted To Watch His Favorite Movie. When His Parents Put It On He Went Into Beast Mode Speechless! | Chicks News

It is always funny when children imitate things they have seen in movies or on television. Children seem to put their own unique spin on what they observe. Perhaps they modify the quotes they hear or the actions they witness. Either way, it ends up being amusing!

One baby named Charlie spent the past year practicing workout and fitness moves he learned from watching his favorite movie, Rocky II.


Photo Credit: YouTube

Charlie’s parents caught his ‘workout’ on video, and it is hilarious. Watching this video makes it perfectly clear that Charlie has been dedicating his time to memorizing the work out routine! He has all the moves nailed down. Every time Charlie sees Rocky’s work out scene on Rocky II, he follows along right in front of his parent’s television. You have to see it for yourself! Get ready to laugh, because it is absolutely hilarious! Who knows, maybe little Charlie will have a boxing career for himself!

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