ADORABLE Baby Panda Pics of Evolution Through Childhood

Almost everyone loves to look at newborn animals. How can you not? They are usually fluffy, wide-eyed, and all around ADORABLE. Human babies are born looking cute and fragile to help encourage us to bond with them and feel compelled to nurture and care for them. It is not uncommon to see a puppy, kitty, or baby bird. Today, we are bringing you some super cute pictures of a baby animal you might not typically see. Right now, we are all about those baby panda pics! It is almost impossible to prevent yourself from “ooohing” and “ahhhing” over these cuties. (Give it a try, see if you can look at these baby panda pics without at least thinking to yourself “those are some cute panda babies!”)

Credit: Wikipedia

Okay, here we have a newborn baby panda! How cute is that little nugget?? Baby pandas are born weighing (are you ready for this??) less than 1 lb! In fact, they only weigh about 0.2 lbs at birth. They are 1/900 of their mother panda’s weight! Baby pandas are born blind, and it will be a little while before this tiny baby can see. You can see that baby panda does not yet have his/her real fur yet, but the fur will grow in as this baby gets older.

Credit: Dale Designs

Here is another adorable sleeping baby panda!