9 Hollywood Stars With Scars. #4 Is Lucky To Be Alive!

As much as Hollywood loves to depict their celebrities as glamorous and flawless, behind the video editing and makeup are more…ordinary souls, complete with imperfections and all. Here’s a list of celebrities that are known to have physical scars, as well as the stories behind how they got them.

Knowing about the stars’ scars makes them more relatable, and it reminds us that they are also human beings. And if you ask me, that makes them that much more attractive!

#1 – Kaley Cuoco

The Big Bang Theory actress has a long scar running up her left foot, from just above the foot.

How: During a nasty horseback riding incident in 2010, that left her with a crushed leg. Ever the optimist, the starlet says that at least now she can tell when it’s going to rain, after two steel bars were inserted into her leg.

#2 – Jonah Hill


Source: icydk.com

A big, deep scar spreads out past the 21 Jump Street star’s right elbow. It’s definitely one of the more brutal looking injuries on this list.

How: 15 year old Jonah Hill had his arm sticking out the open window of an SUV his friend was driving one night. The joyride quickly took a dark turn, when the vehicle flipped, skidding across the road and dragging Jonah’s arm with it. The injury was so severe that the doctors were at one point debating whether or not to amputate the arm!

#3 – Tina Fey


Source: kickassfacts.com

A long thin scar runs along the right side of Tina Fey’s face, just below her lips and on her cheek.

How: Tina Fey was just 5 years old when she was violently attacked by a stranger and slashed across the face with a knife. She was playing in the front yard of her family’s Pennsylvania home at the time. Unfortunately the attacker was never found.

Up next…did you know Sharon Stone had a scar? The way she got it is particularly cringe worthy!

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#4 – Sharon Stone


Source: kickassfacts.com


Source: drop.ndtv.com

The angry scar on Sharon Stone’s neck is probably one of the largest ones on this list to be consistently concealed with makeup or airbrushed out. That would explain why images of the trademark are so few and far between.

How: Apparently horses hate celebrities, because this is the second time a celebrity has made the list due to an accident involving an equine. The scar on Sharon Stone’s neck goes back to when she was a child. She was riding a horse when she ran into a taut clothes line that ripped her neck open. As horrific as the injury was, it’s amazing how most people are none the wiser about the incident.

#5 – Harrison Ford

Most Harrison Ford fans are already aware of the thin but deep scar running along his chin. At this point, it’s almost become his trademark!

How: Compared to the dramatic ways some of the other celebrities on this list earned their war wounds, Mr. Ford’s is a relatively tame one. Back in ’64 while driving to work, the actor was trying to put on his seatbelt, lost control of the car and smashed into a telephone pole. The mishap caused him to slam his head into his steering wheel, thus causing Harrison’s famous facial feature.

#6 – Sandra Bullock


Source: fanpop.com

Although Sandra Bullock does a great job of hiding it for the most part, astute observers already know about the faint line scar running beside her left eye.

How: When the actress was 11 she was jumping from rock to rock across a creek when she slipped and fell, cause the small but deep gash on the side of her face.

#7 – Vince Vaughn


Source: rollingout.com

In addition to a deep scar running down his right thumb, Vince Vaughn is also missing a part of that digit,  due to an unfortunate accident.

How: The star was just 17 and with hopes of becoming a water polo athlete when he was caught in a nasty car accident. The collision cause him to lose a piece of his thumb and injure his back, dashing his dreams of behind an athlete. Thankfully for us, this life event caused Vince Vaughn to turn to acting…and the rest is history.

#8 – Seal


Source: thirdage.com

Before the famous singer publicly addressed the sprawling scars covering his face, wild rumours swirled about the markings being the result of tribal scarring – and even self-mutilation!

The Actual How: Seal suffered from Discoid Lupus Erythematosus (DLE) as a child. DLE is a skin disease that causes inflammation, lesions and scarring. After many years of treatment, today Seal’s condition is in remission. More importantly, he has learned to embrace his scars, and not see them as a negative.

#8 – Joaquin Phoenix


Source: bashny.net

Joaquin Phoenix has a small scar running from his nose down to the mouth. Most people assume it’s the aftermath of surgery for correcting a cleft-palate, but it’s not.

How: Phoenix was actually born this way! The marking was formed while he was still in the womb, and is actually a mild form of cleft-palate (called a microform cleft).

#9 – Padma Lakshmi


Source: bashny.net

Now this is one celebrity that we especially admire for her confidence. Not only does this model and former host of Top Chef have one of the more apparent scars on the list, she also makes zero effort to hide it. On the contrary, she’s embraced it. The 7-inch scar runs from her right bicep down past her elbow.

How: When Padma was 14, she was caught in a bad car accident in Malibu, California that caused her right arm to shatter and her hip to fracture. After some serious surgery, she was thankfully able to regain mobility in both her arm and hip.