8 Must See Unique Wedding Reception Ideas That Will Transform Your Big Day! | Chicks News

Wedding season is almost in full swing! If you are planning your big day, you may be looking for some unique wedding reception ideas to set your wedding apart from the rest. If you use your imagination, you can find ways to incorporate countless fun and unique ideas that will keep your guests entertained throughout your entire reception. Today, we have created a list of from reception ideas that you and your wedding guests will love!

Rent an adult-friendly bounce house. Yes, you read that correctly. Just shop around until you find one that suits your wedding theme (e.g., nautical wedding theme = rent a boat bounce house! FUN!)


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Choreograph a flash mob dance with your wedding party and some guests. Make sure the dance isn’t too complex so other guests can quickly catch on and join in!


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Nix the traditional DJ and hire pianists to play dueling pianos! Memorable? You bet it would be!


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Hire a dance teacher to teach your guests a fun dance. Think Salsa, Meringue, a Waltz, Square Dance, etc. Short, brief dance lessons are perfect for your guests.


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Depending on your reception venue (and whether or not you like animals) you can hire a petting zoo! Fun for all guests who love animals.


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Offer fun games for your guests to play. Some examples include giant Jenga, yard Twister, bean bag tic tac toe, etc. You could even get a big pinata and let your guests have at it! Fun times would certainly be had by all.


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Have food trucks show up at your reception. This could be a good option for your cocktail hour hors-d’oeuvres. Some food truck owners may be willing to concoct special treats only available at your wedding (think custom ice cream flavors from an ice cream truck or a customized french fry sauce!)


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Allot some time in your reception for karaoke! Come on, what could be more than drunk people singing loudly and out of tune?!


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We hope these unique wedding reception ideas have given you some fun and usual inspiration for your wedding!