8 Kids Choose FREE Christmas Gifts For Low Income Families Instead Of Themselves | Chicks News

When you ask people what comes to mind when they think about Christmas, many will say they think of giving and receiving gifts. As we know all too well, many people do give and receive gifts on or around Christmas. In fact, the day after Thanksgiving (and now, the day of Thanksgiving) are becoming increasingly dedicated to early Christmas shopping. It seems as though our society is focusing on consuming more and more. But what happens when money is tight and you have no gifts to give. Or, there are no gifts for you to receive this Christmas? If you find yourself in those circumstances, you may find that you have no choice but to do without. What a heartbreaking situation to be in. This is especially true if you have children who will not be receiving gifts this year.

We could all take a lesson from the children in the following video who choose free Christmas gifts for low income families over free gifts for themselves. When we talk about the free gifts the kids are passing up, we aren’t talking about small gifts like a pair of socks, a box of candy, or a matchbox car. We are talking about an Xbox 360, a laptop, video games, and more. What makes this video extra special is that these children are from low income families, and the free gifts they are choosing are for their families! And these gifts are just any gifts- they are gifts the children want very much! In all likelihood, these children would not receive the expensive gifts they pass up due to their families economic situations. Despite that, all the children in the video feel that it is better to give than to receive.

Watch the video below of children who choose free Christmas gifts for low income families instead of themselves.

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