5 DIY Back to School Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life a Lot Easier | Chicks News

If you’re a mom, you are most likely busy without a lot of free time to spare. If your kids are in school or they will be attending school shortly, then things are probably even more complicated. In any of the aforementioned cases, you should definitely take a look at these effective and time-saving DIY back to school life hacks. They will make your life a lot easier, especially now that school is about to start.


1: Stock Up on Tax-Free Supplies

You don’t necessarily have to break the bank with brand new clothes and school supplies for your little ones. This is something to consider especially because kids grow up fast and spending a lot of money in purchasing new clothing items is simply not a logical or pragmatic decision.

When you have kids, you are well-aware that every bit of savings counts. Some states offer parents the possibility to buy tax-free school supplies and clothes during the so-called Back to School Tax-Free Weekends. So, go ahead and do a brief online research to find more about this opportunity and take advantage of it.

2: Label Everything

Kids often forget where they put their things such as jackets, glasses, and toys. They misplace notebooks and manuals. Therefore, it is important for you to label all these items. For example, if your kid forgets his coat at school, this clothing item will probably end up in the Lost and Found room. If it is already labeled, it will be much easier for you to get it back.

3: Keep All Your Kids’ School Paperwork in One Place

Keeping up with papers that come from your children’s school such as PTA meeting fliers, art projects, field trip forms, and more requires a lot of work. Creating a special place to keep all these dozens of papers will help you organize your activities better. I, for one, use a special basket and put there all the school papers that my little fellow brings home from school.

This way, you will soon get rid of papers piling up on your kitchen table. This is probably one of the most useful and practical advice on DIY back to school life hacks.

4: Start Your Mornings Properly

Moms all around the world know exactly how stressful a morning can be when you have to prepare breakfast and then get your kids ready for school in time so that they don’t miss the bus. However, if you develop the right morning routine, you will be able to start your day off on a more than good note.

First of all, find out how much time your family members need to get ready. Then, add an extra 20-30 minutes to that time to avoid any unpredictable situations such as your kid having a hard time finding his/her shoes or books. Also, make sure to choose their outfits the night before to save some time in the morning for other activities.

5: Create a Special Area for Your Kids to Do Their Homework

This is an important strategy to consider. Find a place with enough natural light and that is away from distractions such as TVs and computers. Fill the area with all the needed school supplies like notebooks and pencils. This way, homework time will become easier for you and your children.

Bottom Line

If you want to be better prepared when your kids start school, you should definitely apply the DIY back to school life hacks presented above. Let us know which one is your favorite or if you have other effective tips you’d like to share with us.

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