4 Year Old Uses Adorable Puppy Training Technique! | Chicks News

4-year-old Lincoln Ball was diagnosed with allergies to almost everything outdoors. This must be a difficult diagnosis for anyone to accept! The good news? One thing Lincoln was not allergic to was pets. His allergist jokingly suggested that he get a puppy.

All Lincoln paid attention to was the comment about getting a puppy. So, his parents did just that and purchased an adorable Saint Bernard puppy. The Ball family had never before owned a dog let alone a puppy, so Lincoln’s parents told him he was responsible for training the dog. Lincoln’s father recommended that he use YouTube to find tutorials to help him train the dog.

ball-8091636 Photo Credit: Tasha and Daniel Ball

Lincoln took his father’s advice and found a good YouTube video for training puppies. What happened next was absolutely adorable! Lincoln called the puppy over and held the YouTube video up in front of him! How clever and funny is Lincoln?? He’s training his puppy using these online videos!!