21 Fresh Wedding Color Schemes That Will Make Your Married Friends Jealous.

If you’re a quirky, fun-loving person that marches to the beat of your own drum, you deserve a wedding that equally captures your free spirit. The good news is, you don’t need to break the bank with a lion tamer or a flash wedding mob in order to get an unforgettable wedding experience.

If you really want to have the wedding that’s burned into the minds of jealous guests for years to come, step a little outside your comfort zone.

The following 21 wedding colour combos are the darlings of stylists and fashionistas worldwide, but they will require confidence on your part. Pair any these colours with the skilled vision of a wedding planner, and the possibilities are endless!

21 Rare Wedding Colour Schemes:

1) Rust + Copper + Aqua


Photo credit: onefabday.com

Perfect for: A rustic fall wedding.

How to pull it off: The rust and copper details can look muddy if overdone. To make sure this doesn’t happen, the bright, fresh colour of aqua is used as a perfect balance.

 2) Mauve + Blush + Wine



Photo credit: wedding.theknot.com

Perfect for: An outdoor garden wedding.

How to pull it off: Dress it down with rustic textiles like burlaps and faded handkerchiefs or dress it up with a complementary feminine colour palette – crystal or pearl details work fantastically with this one.

3) Plum + Powder Blue + Gray


Photo credit: 4.bp.blogspot.com

Perfect for: A playful, modern wedding.

How to pull it off: This combo is extremely versatile, so have some fun. For example, if you’re going for a more formal ballroom wedding theme, push the deeper plums. Going for a more casual vibe? Use generous amounts of powder blue with little splashes of dark purple. Use grey as a lovely masculine accent.

4) Red + Navy + White


Photo credit: 4.bp.blogspot.com

Perfect for: A backyard summer wedding.

How to pull it off: Just be careful not to go too patriotic with this colour combo! To pull it off successfully, choose saturated shades such as ruby, navy, and eggshell.

 5) Blush + Silver + Cream


Photo credit: dreamstudija.com

Perfect for: A winter afternoon wedding.

How to pull it off: These colours are perfect for the winter months, as they have that ‘frosty’ feel. They’re also great for capturing an overall feminine feel. The blush and silver also provide plenty of options for bridesmaid dresses and decor.

6) Gunmetal + Pewter + Silver


Photo credit: weddingbycolor.com

Perfect for: A modern backyard wedding.

How to pull it off: This is a very neutral palette, so the trick to avoiding monotony is use a variety of textures and shades.

7) Kelly Green + Lime Green + Cream


Photo credit: goldrushproduction.com

Perfect for: An outdoor spring wedding.

How to pull it off: Don’t get carried away with an electric greens here! Keep the look organic and clean by using natural shades and tones.

8) Tangerine + Orange + Yellow


Photo credit: dreamstudija.com

Perfect for: A modern summer wedding.

How to pull it off: To help provide a bright, vivid contrast, use white backdrops and simple table settings to prevent saturation overkill.

9) Turquoise + Aqua + Mint


Photo credit: wedding.theknot.com

Perfect for: A wedding by the river, lake or ocean.

How to pull it off: For best results, keep the hues in the same colour family for a cohesive look. But don’t be afraid to experiment with mixing and matching!

10) Yellow + Grey


Photo credit: picklee.com

Perfect for: A contemporary fall wedding.

How to pull it off: Combine colours with prints, clean lines and industrial-inspired detailing to keep the look trendy and modern.

11) Fuchsia + Purple + Indigo


Photo credit: photos.theknot.com.au

Perfect for: A springtime garden wedding.

How to pull it off: Avoid the theme from getting overly dark and heavy with rosier shades of purple. Incorporate grey into the colour scheme for a more masculine feel.

12) Black + Green + White


Photo credit: junebugweddings.com

Perfect for: An elegant, more formal garden wedding.

How to pull it off: Use simple black borders on invitations, table linens and decor, and green accents in both light and dark shades to bring in the fresh feeling of spring.

13) Hot Pink + Orange + Purple


Photo credit: wedding.theknot.com

Perfect for: A more fun, lighthearted wedding.

How to pull it off: With this many bright colours in the palette, you’ll need to keep things in check with structured patterns like stripes.

14) Chocolate + Brown + Cream


Photo credit: wedding.theknot.com

Perfect for: A formal winter wedding.

How to pull it off: Give things a dressier vibe to accentuate this neutral colour palette. Glittery metallic shades like gold and bronze work well for this.

15) Aqua + Red + Tan


Photo credit: wedding.theknot.com

Perfect for: A Retro/Throw-back Wedding.

How to pull it off: Have fun with this one as it’s a very forgiving colour ensemble. Let your imagination (and Pinterest boards) run wild and mix in fun little details.

16) Purple + Navy + Green


Photo credit: wedding.theknot.com

Perfect for: After sunset garden weddings

How to pull it off: Use varying shades of each colour (ex) eggplant, lavender and violet) to give your wedding an organic, fresh vibe.

17) Teal + Orange + Cerulean


Photo credit: wedding.theknot.com

Perfect for: A destination or beach wedding.

How to pull it off: This is perfect for weddings by the ocean. Accent your decor with water inspired details like seashells and starfish.

18) Aqua + Yellow + White


Photo credit: wedding.theknot.com

Perfect for: Low-key spring weddings.

How to pull it off: Use modern detailing like bold patterned stationery and crisp blooms to avoid a ‘kiddy’ look.

19) Navy + Yellow + Gray


Photo credit: wedding.theknot.com

Perfect for: Metropolitan summer weddings.

How to pull it off: This colour palette will give your wedding a distinct urban vibe. Combine with classic wedding attire for a chic effect.

20) Tangerine + Lime + Chocolate


Photo credit: wedding.theknot.com

Perfect for: A modern, edgy summer wedding.

How to pull it off: Balance out the bright tangerine colours with chocolate browns, crisp khakis or cream ivories.

21) Purple + Antique Gold


Photo credit: theperfectpalette.com

Perfect for: A hybrid modern/vintage wedding.

How to pull it off: Incorporate varying shades of purple with metallics like glittery gold shade for a touch of whimsy.

One of the simple, powerful ways to shake things up in any wedding is choosing the right colour scheme. Far too many couples these days are playing it safe and going with your safe two-tone themes. Don’t get me wrong, those choices can look gorgeous…but they miss that little extra oomph that these 21 colour themes provide.

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