18 Photos Of Kids' VERY Wrong Spelling Mistakes. Warning: Unintentionally R-Rated!

Phonetics. It’s the sounding out of words, and it helps kids when they’re trying to spell in those younger years. Unfortunately the English language can be tricky at times, and things can go wrong. Very wrong.

Below are some of the best (worst?) examples of kids putting their thoughts into words. They definitely mean well, but wow do these things ever come out raunchy!

The thing that I love about these photos is as hilarious as they are, the children authors behind these endless laughs are completely oblivious to how inappropriate their work is.

I can only imagine these poor confused kids wondering why their parents are dying laughing, when they show them that picture of Buzz Lightyear. I only hope they don’t develop a complex!

Source: Boredpanda.com

My Whole Family:

She Does Math:

Going To Be In Virginia:


I Come In Peace:

T is for Tights

Love Santa:

Thanks For The Shirt:


You Can’t Catch Me:

Come With Me:

Happy Birthday Kurt:

Chum Bucket:

An Account:

Enjoy the Beach:

Abraham Lincoln:


Your House:

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