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It’s hard to stop and smell the roses when we’re all so busy trying to make it in this world. Traffic jams, sooty streets, cramped schools and workplaces…we could all use a nice, quiet getaway once in a while.

While you could book that exotic yoga retreat in India, why not bring the peace and tranquility home to you?

And that’s exactly what some of the world’s leading designers have been working on: clever design ideas inspired by nature, that bring positive, soothing energies into chaotic urban environments.

Below are some of the coolest, creative solutions that have been thought up so far. While some of these examples are extravagant and may be tricky finding in your local design store, we hope that at the very least they inspire you to think outside the box when it comes to creating a green, healthy environment for you to work and play in.

It’s no surprise that our moods are strongly affected by our surroundings, so why not make the best of your living space?

1) Table with Removable Planter

This gorgeous table is made from a combination of reclaimed walnut wood and steel.  Designer: Emily Wettstein

2) Living Moss Bath Matt

This bath mat is home to three types of living moss: ball, island and forest moss to be exact. Humidity in the bathroom, plus droplets falling from the body offer the perfect thriving condition. Plus it feels fantastic to stand on. Designer: Nguyen La Chanh

3) Fish Planter

A planter and fish tank hybrid. Designer: Sheng-Zhe Feng & Ling-Yuan Chou

4) Organic Jewellery

This collection of hand jewellery was designed to bring the metropolitan dweller closer to nature. Designer: Hafsteinn Juliusson

5) Green Turf Umbrella Stand

This sleek umbrella stand cleverly uses rainwater from your used umbrella to feed the thirsty grass. Perfect for places that get a lot of the wet stuff. Designer: Simon Enever

6) Sprouting Business Cards

If you want your business card to stand out from the crowd, it doesn’t get any cooler than this! Follow the instructions on the back of the card and get results within the week. Designer: Jamie Wieck

7) The Wearable Planter

Similar to #4, this green necklace is a cute little conversation starter. Best of all, it helps clean the air you breathe. You can mix and match: plant some sprouts, a succulent, or even flowers. Designer: Colleen Jordan

8) The picNYC table

Now get a piece of Central Park in your very own apartment. This organic table consists of an aluminum frame, with stones for drainage covered in earth and then sod. Designer: Haiko Cornelissen

picNYC table from Haiko Cornelissen Architecten.

8) Pooleaf Pen

Liven things up in your workspace, with a set of ballpoint pens that double as indoor plants. Styled to look like leaves of grass, stick a bunch of these pens into a pot or pencial cup and Voila! You have yourself a potted plant. Designer: Zeup Design Studio

9) LED Mushroom Lights

This is the coolest desk light ever! LED lights are embedded into synthetic mushroom that are anchored onto a wood base. The battery pack is cleverly integrated into the wood, creating the illusion of an all natural lighting display. Designer: Yukio Takano

10) Leaf-It Sticky Notes

Leave reminders that show people you are one with nature. These cute stickies are a refreshing departure from the usual boring Post-It. Designer: Appree

11) Waterdrop Magnets

‘No…that’s not condensation.’ Get ready to say that line frequently, when someone sees you rocking out these neat little fridge magnets. Designer: Appree

12) Greenhouse Lamp

The Greenhouse is a suspended glass dome lamp with an inner gutter that you can line with growing herbs and small plants. The opening in the middle of the base allows you to access your herbies as well as let light shine through. Designer: Kristýna Pojerová

13) Grassy Page Markers

Like the Leaf-It Sticky Notes, the grassy page markers are a refreshing change from your average bookmark. Although I have a feeling I’d be bookmarking waaay too many pages for the sake of seeing that grass grow! Designer: Yuruliku

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