13 Fashion Hacks Every Woman Needs To Know – Part 1 | Chicks News

Whether it’s tips on extending the life of your wardrobe, or how to look good in less time and effort – good fashion hacks make sure you’re working smart, not hard. And these fashion hacks are some of the most useful that we’ve come across.

We’ve put together a handy list of life hacks to help our fellow women out. Below are 13 hot tips to help you look your best, while breaking less of a sweat.

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#1) Use beeswax to waterproof canvas shoes.

A natural solution to waterproofing. Rub your shoes with the wax and then use a blow-dryer to set the coating.

Image: haulanddupes.com

#2) Iron button shirts inside-out.

Buttons on shirts tend to get snagged while ironing, causing you to spend more time ironing out unwanted creases. Iron from the inside for button-free goodness.

Image: maccclean.co.uk

#3) Find tiny items by placing a stocking over a vacuum hose.

Lost some earring backs in carpet? This one’s a great DIY strain to help you in your Search & Rescue mission.

Image: puresalon-spa.com

#4) Iron your shirt collars with a hair straightener.

For flawlessly crisp collars that pop, this one’s pretty foolproof.

Image: img.aws.ehowcdn.com

#5) Have a stuck zipper? Rub the teeth with a graphite pencil.

The graphite from the pencil acts as a lubricant on the metal. In a pinch, lightly rubbing the zipper with a candle will also help.

Image: alionthego.com

#6) Remove deodorant stains by rubbing the area with an old pair of pantyhose 

Roll the pantyhose into a ball and start rubbing the affected area, using the hose as a cloth.

Image: getdeogo.com

#7) Remove red wine stains with…white wine.

This one sounds goofy – but it really works! Soak the red stain in white wine. Then coat the area in thick baking soda paste and leave on for a few hours. Then wash the garment as usual.

#8) Make your diamonds and jewelry sparkle with household cleaner.

In a small jar, mix 2/3 parts water with 1/3 part household cleaner. We recommend: Mr. Clean, Fantastik, 409 or Windex. Leave your jewelry to soak in the bath mix overnight.

Image: globe-views.com

#9) Remove sweat stains with lemon juice.

Get rid of yellow sweat stains by spraying the affected areas with lemon juice just before washing them.

#10) Hairspray your tights to prevent runs.

The hairspray stiffens the fibres on the your tights. To avoid the sticky residue, make sure you spray the tights before putting them on.

Image: mashable.com

#11) Get rid of dirt on suede by rubbing with a stale crust of bread.

Gently rub the stain with the edge of the bread crust, and watch it disappear.

#12) Hang your hangers strategically to find out which clothes you never wear.

To start, hang all your clothes in the closet in one direction (i.e., all hangers facing in or out). As you take out clothes to wear, when you hang them back, make sure they face in the opposite direction. After one year, get rid of (or donate!) all the clothes still facing in the original direction.

Image: rundalu.com

#13) Make t-shirts ultra vintage-soft by brining them in salt water. 

Soak your t-shirts in salt water (1 quart water and ½ cup of salt) for roughly three days, then wash normally.

Image: etsy.com

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