12 Year Olds Performance Will Leave You With Chills And Wanting More. Unbelievable! | Chicks News

As this little shy 12 year-old takes the stage during Britain’s Got Talent to sing challenging song from the Broadway musical “Wicked,” Defying Gravity. The judges are completely shocked to hear such a challenging song of choice for such a young girl, but they’re blown away by this performance.

Beau Dermott was more than amazing. She hit every single note of this piece leaving the crowd on their feet any wanting more. Including the judges and especially judge Amanda Holden who pressed the “golden buzzer,” which means that Dermott is completely reserved in the semi-finals already!

In an interview her mother informed the media  about her daughter, stating that, “Once she starts singing, she goes into her own little world. She’s really humble isn’t she and takes it all in her stride.”

This little artist is up and coming on the rise, be sure to check out this chilling video of her performance, and keep an eye out for her during the season!

H/T Thoughtful Women