11 Shoes That Will Make Your Jaw Drop. I'm not kidding.

1. The “Mojito” Shoe

Designed by London-based architect Julian Hakes, the shoes wrap around the foot in one continuous ribbon, with the arch of the foot forming a natural bridge between supports for the ball and heel.

Source & Photo Credit: www.dezeen.com


 2. “Heavy Metal” shoe series

The Heavy Metal Series by Bryan Oknyansky redefines the structure of high-heels in dramatic fashion. These shoes were machine sculpted out of a solid cube of luxury car-grade aluminum…honestly, you couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried. Below are two examples of the HM series.

Source & Photo Credit: www.arch2o.com

heavy-metal-shoes-1-5815037 heavy-metal-shoes-2-1024x682-1260499 heavy-metal-shoes-3-9701951

3. Dsquared Skeleton Heels

With fans of the label including stars like Rihanna and Lada Gaga, it’s no surprise that Dsquared is known for daring, ferocious designs. Their footwear is no exception. The heel portion has been replaced with a column resembling skeleton vertebrae. This bone accented pump is perfect for a night out of town, especially when you want to make a bold statement: you are one chick people don’t wanna mess with!

Source & Photo Credit: SeaofShoes.com | Coolspotters.com

dsquared2-spined-heel-1-4900943 dsquared2-spined-heel-2-7767704 dsquared2-spined-heel-3-9287190dsquared2-spined-heel-last-9627930

4. Alexander McQueen “Armadillo” Heels

These heels come from Alexander’s famous spring show of 2010 – which was coincidentally his last one before the designer committed suicide. These heels are notorious, with some runway models quitting the show because the heels were so scary. Lada Gaga on the other hand went out of her way to wear these at an MTV award show – at least she left her meat shoes back at home!

Source & Photo Credit: starcasm.net | pixelsthoughtsandwords.com


armadillo-by-alexander-mcqueen-734x1024-3401866 fp_5716520_rij_vma2010_set1_091210-jpg-640x1024-5966713

5. Chau Har Lee “Blade” Heels

A relatively newcomer, London based designer Chau Har Lee has been making waves with architecturally inspired shoes, and god do these lethal kicks ever look stunning!

Source & Photo Credit: styleplatform.stylecompare.co.uk | sylvaindeleu.com


6. Nicholas Kirkwood “Angels in Bloom”

Nicholas Kirkwood has done it again. Part of the spring ’14 collection, these shoes were designed for the Victoria’s Secret catwalk, so sadly you won’t find these shoes in store. Good news however, as they can be made to order. Just be prepared to sell a kidney first.

Source & Photo Credit: www.spohszine.com


7. Alexander McQueen Angel Shoe

R.I.P to one of the most inspiring designers of our time. These wing-embroidered platform sandals are absolutely stunning. McQueen’s signature styling cues are present everywhere in its design. The bold, overstated look of the Angel shoe goes perfectly with a simple outfit: white top, tight jeans, and this shoe…gorgeous.

Source & Photo Credit: dapperkid.blogspot.ca


8. Christian Louboutin Spiked Heels

If looks could kill, these shoes would be mass murderers! Complete with crystals and spike embellishment, slipping into a pair of these silver Louboutins will transform any mild mannered lady into one badass chick. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart – you will be turning a lot of heads strutting around on these.

Source & Photo Credit: www.dailymail.co.uk


9. Kerrie Luft Heels

These shoes are simply breathtaking. As someone who has seen these in person, I can safely say that pictures do not do the heels justice. The sculptural quality of the Lufts make this a true piece of wearable art.

Source & Photo Credit: thefnplatformblog.com


10. Dolce & Gabbana Rose-Embellished Metallic Leather Cage Sandals

Dear god, I want these so bad! What self-loving woman doesn’t want to walk around on a perpetual bed of roses and a golden cage heel?? In all seriousness, the attention to detail on this sandal is ridiculous, making it an absolute show-stopper. They are quite high to walk on, so in that regard are not the most practical – but then again none of the shoes here ever claimed to be.

Source & Photo Credits: www.shoeperwoman.com


11. Aminaka Wilmont Soleless Shoes

Before you ask, yes this is a real thing. Wilmont’s infamous soleless shoes debuted at London Fashion week. My heart goes out to the poor models that had to walk in these things. The shoe is tethered like futuristic splints onto your feet and lower legs. And the toe-torture is intensified as the shoe pushes the heel above the ground, forcing all the pressure and balance onto the exposed ball of your foot…in other word’s it’s a real hoot!

Source & Photo Credit: nymag.com