11 Brilliant Wedding Ring Ideas That Are As Unique As You. | Chicks News

If you’re on the road to married life, you’ve no doubt discovered pretty quickly how astronomically expensive weddings can get. And when it comes to high prices, your typical wedding ring is no exception. But what if I told you it doesn’t have to break the bank?

Below are 11 examples of some truly stunning wedding bands that rank highly in eye-grabbing originality, and aren’t insanely expensive.

At the end of the day only you will know which ring is ‘the one’ that fits your unique flair and personality. Hopefully this list can serve as that starting point in your search for the perfect symbol of your love and devotion.

1) Filigree Wedding Band

2) Braided Wedding Ring – Ken & Dana Design

3) Art Deco Wedding Ring – Etsy

4) Yellow Sapphire, Moon Stone, and Coral Set – Mociun Custom ring 

5) Mimosa Diamond Bridal Band – Shaesby

6) Pearl, Raw Diamond and Raw Gemstone Three Stack Ring – Etsy

7) Diamond Flower Engagement and Bridal Ring set

8) Kijani Wedding Set

9) Mokume Gane Wedding Band

10) Black Diamond Puzzle Ring

11) Rose Gold Round Band